Hi there, you beautiful being!

I'm Dana, a Healing Hair Stylist, which means I am passionate about the condition and integrity of the hair as well as the deep unspoken needs of the heart.


I am so grateful to be able to integrate all of my gifts into my career, living my dream as a Stylist, Ritual Healing Guide, and Reiki Practitioner.


I love holding sacred space for healthy hair and mindful healing. In my craft, I choose intuitive techniques, holistic methods, and profound love-of-self symbolism to guide others back home to their wholeness and highest self.

My unique service is the Beauty Ritual. A meaningful personalized energy-enhancing service, offered in a private space, that elevates your vibe with mindful positivity, guided meditation, and powerful intention-setting.


During this luxurious experience, your scalp and hair are gently cleansed, massaged and enlivened using a customized combination of holistic products and essential oils of your choice. 


This is an embodiment of an energetic cleansing during the guided meditation portion. This moment of serenity allows you to tap into your inner knowing, release trauma, tension, energetic blocks, negativity and limiting beliefs while preparing the hair for a beautiful blow-out with long-lasting results.

My intention is for you to leave your unique healing experience feeling empowered, more in alignment with your most authentic self, and confident in recreating powerful rituals for yourself at home.  

Thank you for visiting my website and if you feel like my offerings are in alignment with you, I invite you to book an appointment. I look forward to seeing you in my chair!

So much love,



I will raise my words, not my voice.
For it is the rain that makes flowers grow, not the thunder.


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