Guided Meditations + Mindfulness Mantras + Chakra Chants

The Moonbeam Meditations Membership is now live on Patreon!


It is my deepest intention that these guided meditations, mantras, and chants provide peace and healing while creating a safe space for self discovery, spirituality, and expansive consciousness. I am deeply honored to be your guide.

Moonbeam Meditations Sample

Meditation has been a part of my healing journey for some time now and it has helped me through chronic pain due to autoimmune diseases, reduce stress, process deep emotions, release trauma, expand my consciousness, find my truth, ground me through spiraling, deepen my relationship with myself and my spirituality, and to just find a moment of stillness and peace to quiet my mind and tap back into my flow.

For some, visiting the salon is the ONLY self care time they've carved out for themselves. I believe wholeness is crucial to our overall happiness and well being which is also why I've blended meditation into my services, so that my guests are receiving TLC to all aspects of their life when they are in my chair.

Now I am in a place on my journey to be able to offer guided meditations to anyone and everyone! And you don't have to be a client, you don't have to make an appointment, and you don't even have to leave your house!


I think it's important to prioritize meditation, explore healing modalities, and deep self care practices, which is why I created this beautiful membership! 

It's super easy to become a member and by doing so, you will receive access to special guided meditations twice a month, an mp3 link to download them so you can have them forever, exclusive posts for members only, tutorials on rituals, card readings and other practices, special guests, rewards, and so much more!

If this resonates and feels in alignment with you, I invite you to join my vision to spread wholeness and peace. Together we will honor your healing journey and thank you for being a part of mine.

Sending you all so much love,