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Where there is love, there is no room for fear.

Rituals are important to our wellbeing because they enhance the human experience. Rituals allow us to be still and become present. They allow us to express our creativity and become more centered. They help us to process emotions and to elevate our vibe. 

Make it personal. Whether you choose to pray, meditate, light candles, pull cards, journal, or dance under the moon, there is no wrong way. There is only your way, so explore it. 


Remember you can make them as short and simple or as lengthy and elaborate as you'd like. This is your sacred time to connect, reflect, celebrate, be present, and come back home to your highest self. 

These rituals are here as a guide. Use the aspects you love, leave the ones you don't. Just show up.


And don't ever forget you are worthy, loved, held, and whole.


I welcome something wonderful. 

While preparing your morning beverage, speak the above affirmation while stirring your cup.

Feel this affirmation (or any intention you choose) deep in your body. Imagine you are literally sipping the words and can feel the invitation become ignited into the universe as the warmth of your coffee or tea runs through your body. 

Set the tone by doing something that makes you feel awesome as you get ready for your day. You could start it with movement like a workout or dancing while getting dressed to your favorite playlist. Or cooking a nourishing breakfast or crafting a smoothie precise to your liking. Some may find that this time better suits for writing or reading. 


Whatever you want to be a part of your ritual that elevates your vibe and gets you ready to kick it in gear, do that! Honor that every day. Show up for yourself so that you can spread your love and wisdom to others. 

And be on the look out for that wonderful something.


I am grateful.

Before getting ready for bed, gently move your body. Just a few moments of gentle yoga can help you to release anything you do not want to carry into bed with you.

This can be stress, anger, negativity, or just the pressures and weight of the day.

Then get into bed and start a gratitude journal. Write down a few things you are truly grateful for. This allows the last thoughts you have of the day to be lighter ones and will help ease you into a more serene and restful sleep. 

Herbs and Spices


I will shower myself in love.

Our hair is directly connected to our chi or life energy and by becoming a bit more intentional during the time you take to care for your self and your hair, the more you are strengthening trust within yourself.

Make your routine more special and beautiful by setting the scene. Light candles around the tub, surround yourself with things that make you feel luxurious and spark happiness. Either create your own or use your favorite nourishing hair mask. 

While applying and resting with your hair mask, ask yourself (without judgement or blame) if there is anything standing in the way of you being your happiest, healthiest self? What single small step could you take tomorrow to reach a bit closer to this self? What ways can you show yourself some grace too?


Remember this time is about deep nourishment and love so just observe what comes up for you and be gentle with what you discover and only speak kindly to yourself. 


Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to change and let things go. 

Just like the Earth, our bodies are nature. We forget this sometimes but thankfully we can get back to our roots by practicing a simple grounding ritual. 

Find your favorite outdoor spot, maybe by a beautiful tree and stand barefoot beside it. Become present and enjoy this moment by taking notice of your surroundings.

How the air feels. The unique marks on the bark. How incredibly supported you are by the Earth. 

See if you are able to let go of something, even if it's just a tiny bit. Nothing in life is permanent and when we remember this, we realize again how precious our time and life is. It opens space for a bit of perception and  a value check. Often times when we hold on with all our might we tire quickly from the agony of allowing it to weigh us down and for what? Holding on when it's time to let go is not self honoring. 

Just as the leaves turn colors and fall, it is natural for us to honor this season in our lives, make a change (no matter how small), and let go of what no longer serves us. 

After releasing, show gratitude for yourself and your grounding space in your own special way. 

You could also bring the outdoors in by decorating your sacred space or a windowsill with your favorite autumn elements to connect to nature for your grounding ritual. 

Fall Foliage