Hi there beautiful being!


Meet Dana.


 As a Healing Hair Stylist, I am passionate about the health and integrity of the hair but as a Healing Guide and Reiki I & II Practitioner, I am passionate about the unspoken needs of the heart.


I love holding sacred space for healthy hair and mindful healing in my craft by combining intuitive techniques, holistic methods and deep self love symbolism to guide others back to their wholeness. to transform into the best version of themselves. 

The Beauty Ritual is a luxury, energy-enhancing service, offered in a private space, that elevates your vibe with mindful positivity, guided meditation, and powerful intention-setting.


During this luxurious experience, your scalp and hair are gently cleansed, massaged and enlivened using a customized combination of peppermint, white tea, essential oils and holistic products that we choose together. We use this to symbolize the power of intention during the meditation. This moment of serenity allows you to tap into your inner knowing, release trauma, tension, energetic blocks, negativity and limiting beliefs while preparing for a beautiful blow-out with long-lasting results.


I have poured my heart into every step of designing this Beauty Ritual experience and my intention is that you step out of the salon feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, deeply seen and heard, and transformed.